Welcome to my book page! I've written a few books about stop-motion animation and am now working on my own illustrated collections of poetry and short stories, and at least one novel. 

Currently I'm in the final stages of a book called Gnomes of the Cheese Forest and Other Poems, and have a blog to share and document the process of its creation:

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...and here are some books I've already had published. 

The Art of Stop-Motion Animation
by Ken A. Priebe
2006 - Course Technology PTR Publishers

NOTE: This book is OUT OF PRINT as a hard copy and only available in e-book format.

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This book covers all the basics of what you need to get started in learning how stop-motion animation is done and how to do it yourself. Explore the history of stop-motion in film and television and learn about the supplies needed (from cameras to lights and materials), building puppets and sets, basic animation, character performance, and how to make a short film. Also included are interview chapters with other stop-motion artists: David Bowes, Dave Thomas, Anthony Scott, Larry Larson, Nick Hilligoss and Lynne Pritchard, and a foreward by Mike Johnson, co-director of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

Also includes a CD of QuickTime movie files of animation samples to study and sample exposure sheets. To acquire the CD, send an email to including the title of the book, the ISBN, your name, address, and phone number.

The ADVANCED Art of Stop-Motion Animation
by Ken A. Priebe
2010 - Course Technology PTR Publishers

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This second advanced volume goes into more updated detail on subjects touched upon in the first book, plus some new advances in the medium. Includes: the first fully-documented history of 80 years of feature-length stop-motion puppet features (from Tale of the Fox to Fantastic Mr. Fox), advanced puppet building techniques (from plug-in armatures to silicone, cable controls, replacement puppets and rapid prototyping), advanced overviews of digital cinematography, stereoscopic 3D, character animation, visual effects and compositing, and more interviews with stop-motion artists Screen Novelties, Pete Kozachik ASC, Trey Thomas, Bronwen Kyffin, Webster Colcord, Larry Bafia, Marc Spess, Ryan McColluch, and Justin & Shel Rasch, with a Foreward by the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, Henry Selick.

Also on the bonus CD are two additional appendix chapters in pdf format on the growth of stop-motion education and the online stop-motion community, with direct URL links to amazing blogs and websites, and more QuickTime animations for study and enjoyment, including 2 clips in 3D stereo by Justin Rasch.

Check out the following interviews with me about the creation of these books:
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I was asked to contribute a short section on stop-motion puppets and animation workshops for children in this book from Belgium, De Magische Kracht van Poppen by Hubert Stuyvaert. If you like puppets and can read Dutch, check it out here: