This is my current animation reel of scenes animated for Bigfott Studios and Scholastic/Weston Woods, on short films All the World, I'm Fast, Scaredy Squirrel and Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, directed by Galen Fott.

A short film which was in production from 2002 to 2009.  See my post on the film to learn about it and watch the story reel.

Snot Living (1998 University of Michigan Student Film)
Old School Student Films (1995-1998)

Thunderbean Animation's STOP-MOTION MARVELS!
I was very proud to act as a co-producer for this incredible DVD of rare stop-motion animation films from the 1920s-50s compiled by my friend Steve Stanchfield of Thunderbean Animation. The material you will find on his disc is nothing short of amazing, particularly the lost shorts by the Kinex Studio. Steve and his colleague Stuart McKissick did a great job compiling all of the research behind these shorts, all laid out in a 12-page booklet that is incredibly well-written. Audio commentaries are contributed by Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh at Screen Novelties, Puppetoon animator/puppeteer Bob Baker, Larry Larson, Jim Danforth, and also Steve Stanchfield and myself (commenting through Skype between BC and Michigan).

I also re-animated Steve's ThunderBean logo in stop-motion using tiny clay replacement puppets, and have documented the production process in my 'Advanced Stop-Motion' book.

ORDER A COPY TODAY! It may be the most amazing thing you purchase all year.

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