20 Haikus About Movies

These are 20 Haiku poems I've written, each one describing a different movie.  See if you can guess them all!

Two fishes search the
Ocean looking for another
Fish in a tank.

Two people fall in love
On a great big ship
And then one of them dies.

Some men catch a gorilla
And bring him to New York,
Then they kill him.

A spaceship lands at
A mountain and communicates
With a keyboard.

Four boys go on a walk
To find a dead body
And also leeches.

A cowboy and a
Spaceman don't like each other
And then they are friends.

A black rectangle
Appears to some apes and
An old man in a bed.

A boy sees some ghosts
In a hotel with
A bleeding elevator.

A puppet who wants
To be real almost turns
Into a real donkey.

A man runs from a plane,
Falls in love with a girl,
And climbs Mount Rushmore.

A man gets famous
And marries an opera singer
Who likes puzzles.

A frog plays banjo
And travels across the country
To find his dream.

A girl and her dog
Fly through the air in a house
That lands on a witch.

Knights with no horses,
A killer rabbit and Tim,
The Enchanter. Ni!

A DJ seeks
Redemption by helping a
Homeless man find a grail.

A boy reads a book
And to save a princess from
Dying, says "Moon Child."

Two kids fall in love
To song "In Your Eyes",
The girl's dad goes to prison.

Some college students,
A giant laser and lots and
Lots of popcorn.

A man has visions
Of a weird-looking girl
While watching his baby.

The wrath of God
Makes heads explode while the hero
Is tied to a post.


  1. Finding nemo




    Wizard of oz

    Monty python and the holy grail

    Indiana Jones and the arc of the covenant

    The Muppet

  2. Knights with no horses,
    A killer rabbit and Tim,
    The Enchanter. Ni!

    the only one that seems like a haiku, the rest are sentences with spaces