It's the Wolf

Bonita Versh is a 40+ year veteran of the animation industry who I have had the privilege to know over the past few years during her annual visits to VanArts as a guest instructor and founding advisory board member. A few years ago she showed me some footage from a short film that had been shot during her time working in the layout department of Hanna-Barbera Studios in 1969. It was shot near the studio backlot and directed by layout artist Jerry Eisenberg while working on a cartoon series called "It's the Wolf." The film was only partially edited, combined with all of the extra footage, so Bonita and I thought it would be fun to restore and complete the film after all these years. So I cut the scenes together and asked one of our talented animation graduates Micah Baker to produce a musical score. Here is the final restored edit of the Hanna-Barbera "production", It's the Wolf.

...and here is an audio commentary with Bonita Versh and myself, talking about the history of the studio and production of the film, along with all of the extra footage which was shot.

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